It was Thursday morning,  a sunny and warm day of September. I will never forget that day. Your birthday. The day when, for the first time i had you close to my heart and I kissed that little nose.
It was 10 minutes past 10, when you decided to make yourself heard. You were crying so loud. Oh, Gosh, and my tears were so many and all of them were full of happiness. And the heart, I thought the heart will jump out of mychest. I will never forget those moments.  And every time I remember, my eyes get full of tears. They are again, those tears of happiness.


The world through his eyes…

 It’s full of life, colors and happiness, that I find in little things. And waking up in the morning at 7 am or earlier, if he wants, it’s not thatgloomy. It’s cheerful and talkative, full of energy.
Every gesture, smile and sparkle in his eyes, so common to everyone, to me it’s a universe full of emotions, which makes me incredibly happy. And when I cuddle him, kiss him fondly, amd he gives me back surrenders that smile again, so pure and honest. I understand that nothing can bring me more fulfillment than this little soul.
It’s so small, but he managed to turn my whole world upside down and drew it in its colors. He teaches me every day to be better, to be kind and more patient.

He loves me unconditionally from the first sight and I adore him will all my heart!