Before baby appeared, our life was totally different. And I do not say it was worse or better, but different. I was only two of us and all the free time we shared together. Traveling a lot, spending almost every weekend with friends, we had fun as much as we wanted and cooking was only if we didn’t have dinner at some fancy restaurant. And it is common thing for a young modern couple. Plans were spontaneous and that was great.

Now the priorities have changed and plans are made taking into account the little member of our modern family. In this post I want to share with other parents and future parents about our vision of a modern family portrait.

First of all, I want to break all of those stereotypes, when the mother is the one that is the only one taking care of her baby and dad works for three of us.

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Obviously, in my maternity time I’m the one who spends more time with our son, but this in no way means that our father is less involved. It seems so natural that both parents are equally involved in the care and education of a baby. Moreover, there are a lot of mothers who continue to work part-time in their maternity “holiday”.


And why the diaper changing should be a shame for a father? Or something that he cannot or will not do it? Or not be able to feed his child or making him go to sleep? I am really confident and calm when my son is having time with his father, and I’m sure that everything will be just fine. Ok, I admit, I may call several times to check if everything is fine, but that comes more from mother’s instincts. I do not think it should be things related to childcare that only mother can do or contrary to only father, excluding breastfeeding of course. The desire for dad to get involved in child’s care and education, I believe, it shows first of all love and care for that child and his mother.


Another idea of our modern family is the attention we give to our baby. We are present equally in his activities, playing time, walks, bedtime and others. It’s sad when a parent doesn’t know what’s a baby favorite toy, food or clothes.

I think parents are the ones who mostly shape the child’s personality and his future in society. That is why, in a family where both parents are involved on an equal footing in the life and activity of the baby, the child receives security, harmony and tranquility.

Being a mom

That is why, as parents we understand that the responsibilities and mutual assistance are vital for a healthy family. We communicate, help and respect each other.

Here the phrase “those seven years at home” (a popular quote in our Moldovan society) is so meaningful. That baby that comes in the family is like a sponge, which begins to absorb everything around him. That is why we want to ensure that he receives and learns all the best. Because the parents are those who can shape children’s values and principles. And stereotypes are only limiting the child’s development. As adults we have the power to grow in the future people who see themselves and others as individuals, they grow up free to make choices and to respect the choice of others.




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