Be a well mannered lady, its timeless

I think you already noticed that I am a classic style girl. And when it comes to investing in clothing, I choose to make it in bags and shoes, that will last well in time, due to quality and model. Over the knee or high boots have been in my “must have” list for many seasons, so I decided that I really need to have this ones in my wardrobe.

PHOTO CREDIT Ana Maria Moroz 

But one thing is certain, the high boots weared with short dresses or short skirts can easily lean towards vulgarity. So if you want to look sensual and not vulgar, match your high boots with a midi skirt or a wide dress. If you still want to wear a shorter skirt, wear it with a long coat or an oversized one.

For me the perfect variant would be all black, but not this time. And to add some casual notes, I chosed to combine the beige midi dress and the sporty leather jacket.

But finally, when we talk about style, the attitude and manners are what matter the most, perhaps more than the clothes you wear.

Why am I saying this? Because lately i noticed that some women, looking elegant, dressed with style, show up, unfortunately, with no manners. And I ask myself, is it no longer fashionable to be an educated and polite person?

In order to finish my thoughts on a positive note, do not forget, my dear ladies, that beauty comes from inside. The style can be adjusted at any time, but the world will judge you for the facts. And good manners, that can fit perfectly even with over the knee boots, will be appreciated by everyone , including those less interested in fashion and style.

Kisses and hugs!

OUTFIT Details: Casadei Boots, L.Storojuc Dress, Faith Connexion leather jacket, Gucci bag.

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