Queen for a day with precious hair accessories

Head accessories remain in trend in 2018! Feminine, romantic, strong and with attitude, this is how you wear it. Luxury crowns and diadems are perfect for your wedding day, but also for your birthday, for a theme party or a festival. Decorating your hair with precious accessories is a tradition that dates back to antiquity. Whether it is Egyptian, Roman or Renaissance culture. At that time, women use to wear a lot of hair accessories and crowns with much pride. But this tradition was easily lost in the 20th and 21st centuries. In our days, the modern woman choose to wear short hair styles and likes everything to be comfortable, so the hair accessories are simplified. But beyond trends and fashion, why not to be a princess for a day and shine for real at a special event.

That’s why I decided to go back in time, to a classy and refined luxury and turn myself into a princess, even for a day. I invite you to discover the most beautiful models of diadems and hair crowns from Luck Luxury Accessories. All of the Luck Luxury Accessories are made of natural stones, created with much love and passion.

Whether you choose to wear a All Black or All White outfit, match it with a stony crown and you will certainly be the most elegant appearance at a party or a special event.

  • Headwear and Earrings Luck Luxury Accesories
  • Photo Credit Ana Maria MOROZ
  • Makeup by Liubovi OJOG
  • Location Like Studio

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