A drop of color can bring you joy…

Spring is my favorite season,  after summer 🙂 When we finally enjoy the sun more often, we get out of hibernation and bring more color to our wardrobe. Even if I can not definitely escape from my black addiction (black remains my happy color), I do not do not hesitate to wear bright colors.

“I got my head out the window this morning and spring kissed me right in the face.”

You will not believe this, but sometimes a colored sweater or a bright blouse can make you a little happier. In our city still, still dirty in the first month of spring, those who dare to wear colorful clothes stand out from the crowd immediately and shine. I call these people snowdrops, harbingers of the spring :))

I don’t know why, but people wearing colorful clothes always seem to me more gentle and kind. So if you want to make your day more beautiful, wear a coat full of light and don’t forget to put your smile on.

It just happened to me in this beautiful spring day, to get a drop of color and joy. I admit, yellow is not my favorite, but in combination with white and my blond hair, I like it. And hats are an accessory that I really love. Hats are perfect for any season. How good that I had around me my beautiful friend and photographer Ana Maria, who made me some nice pictures.

Hey, what’s your favorite color?

Photo Credit : Ana Maria Moroz  https://www.facebook.com/anamaria.moroz.7

Location : Oscar Banchet Hall, Stefan cel Mare 69, Chisinau.



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