“Mothers & Kids” project by Kids Avenue & Mayoral

“No matter if they grow up, they remain our children, and one of the most important things we can offer them is our unconditional love. A love that depends on nothing but the fact that they are our children.” See below all the photos of the Mothers & Kids project, made in collaboration with Kids Avenue & Mayoral.

My shades of blue

Blue is a color associated with traquility, serenity and spirituality. It is one of my favorite colors, suitable for any season and almost any outfit. Blue can be found in the sky and in the sea, in my favorite jeans and in this beautiful dress from a recent photo shooting with my photographer Ana Maria Moroz , in collaboration with Zip House. The dress was offered by “Sophie by Elena Zbarnea”.

A drop of color can bring you joy…

Spring is my favorite season,  after summer 🙂 When we finally enjoy the sun more often, we get out of hibernation and bring more color to our wardrobe. Even if I can not definitely escape from my black addiction (black remains my happy color), I do not do not hesitate to wear bright colors.

“I got my head out the window this morning and spring kissed me right in the face.”